Scotiabank Aids Caribbean Neurosciences Association To Make Big Impact On Medical Care

With the assistance of Scotiabank, The University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) will have its medical capacities boosted for the thirteenth consecutive year, with the purchase of high-tech equipment to facilitate breathing in coma patients, and those who have suffered severe brain or spinal injury.

The video laryngoscope most urgently requested by ICU, anaesthesia and operating room was pinpointed by Dr. Carl Bruce, Consultant Neurosurgeon, UHWI, and funds made possible through Scotiabank’s sponsorship of the Caribbean Neurological Symposium (CANS). “We are profoundly grateful to Scotiabank for the transformative role they continue to play in helping to accelerate our ability to deliver first class medical care at UHWI,” Dr. Bruce said.

For the past 13 years, the Caribbean Neurosciences Association has hosted the annual symposium to offer high quality continuing medical education, while bringing together some of the foremost experts in a range of specializations across the region. Scotiabank has been a sponsor since the first event, and has been supporting the accompanying golf tournament for seven years. Both events have an important legacy programme of acquiring critical medical equipment that serves to improve the quality of care offered at the UHWI,” Dr. Bruce added.

In 2014 and previous years, anterior cervical surgical instrumentation, used in neck operations; lumbar surgical Instrumentation for back surgery; and a radiolucent Wilson Table Frame, for intra-operative x-rays in spine surgery, radiographs for x-rays, and safety equipment were all acquired. “Scotiabank’s thoughtful support of the work we do in the neuroscience department allows us to realize our commitment to groundbreaking treatments and therapies for our patients. Healthcare is considered an important benchmark for any society and it is vital that the Caribbean continues to make gains in this area,” Dr. Bruce said.

Simone Hull Lloyd, Marketing Manager, Wealth, Scotiabank said, “We are always keen to support the work of medical professionals in their steadfast dedication to enhancing health care. Health is the greatest wealth and Scotiabank is committed to the holistic development by empowering us all to take charge of our well being.” Hull noted that Scotiabank has made contributions annually to several hospitals, and the health sector in the island. “A robust health sector plays a vital role in productivity and overall health, and with that in mind, we have strategically paced and executed our donations and sponsorships in the areas that need it most,” she added.

This year’s CANS symposium, hosted in partnership with the division of neurosurgery at the UHWI included workshops and interactive sessions on trauma, plastic surgery, spine and neurosurgery and radiation oncology. “The Caribbean Neurosciences Symposium is the premier venue for industry professionals to discuss contemporary neurosurgery and developments within the medical fraternity and present research, view trends and formulate ideas in a push towards arriving at solutions,” Dr. Bruce explained.

He added, “We have continued this venture as it provides critical updates for our doctors, invaluable teaching for our residents in training and also an opportunity for the trainees to interview for electives and fellowships with our visiting faculty.”